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Banby is a greener, zero-based budgeting, quick and easy solution app to help parents to swap or donate any kind of children’s stuff. It’s a good...
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The Art of Brightness of the Stars

So much of the Mayan culture isn’t known or is very vague, but their descendants, the Indigenous people who live and thrive in Guatemala and other...
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Northskull is a men’s jewelry brand based in London founded in 2009. Its focus is to create contemporary pieces that complement the attire of the modern...
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Borderless / Sin Fronteras

America is full of racial and ethnic diversity. Many have migrated here to improve the livelihood of both themselves and their communities, while also learning from...
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Let’s Talk

The objective for Let’s Talk is to help victims of bullying get the support they need and teach them confidence. We want victims of bullying to...
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Inspired by “The Scarlet Letter” by Nathaniel Hawthorne, a classic novel about a woman who wore the letter “A” on her dress as a punishment of...
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Mission Sparx

With my personal experience and the research I have completed, I came up with Mission Sparx®. I named this company after something a teacher once told...
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Election App

Despite the progress of technology and the digitalization of different aspects of modern life, elections are still conducted in the same traditional way. The system of...
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Away to the Ball Festival

Governors Ball Festival can easily differentiate from other festival events that take place in New York City, creating an experience where everyone fits in, no matter...
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The Stanley Parable: COVID Edition

The problem: People not following basic guidelines during a pandemic   Why: For some reason taking care of yourself and those around you during a pandemic has been made...
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Ground News

Ground News is the world’s first news source comparison app. Their mission is to: Be an unbiased platform where everyone can get their news regardless of...
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The Start of Navigating Invalidation

“The Start of Navigating Invalidation” is an anthology zine I wrote and illustrated where I share personal experiences of when my validity as someone brown has...
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Lusid’s 7 Sins

Lusid’s 7 Sins is a series of four-inch tall collectible figures that each represent each of the seven cardinal sins, in accordance with Christian religious teachings...
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The Irving Show

In Case You Can’t Understand Monkeys   The Irving Show was born from the question: What if animals can tell the news? Talk about primary sources right? When the...
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Vanishing Creatures

Species extinction is a severe and unrecoverable environmental damage and among the most visible ones. We believe that species extinction must be curbed. Our goal is to...
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Globally, statistics state that people throw out 1.3 billion of food per year. Wasteless is a platform to help our urban communities to waste less and...
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