Away to the Ball Festival

Governors Ball Festival can easily differentiate from other festival events that take place in New York City, creating an experience where everyone fits in, no matter what type of genre you listen to.


And this coming year, the Governors Ball is celebrating its 10th anniversary, by having a very special, once in a lifetime experience. For all.


PROBLEM: For Millennials who go to 1–2 music festivals per year cost as a barrier to entry for them.


SOLUTION: Make local New Yorkers feel they would be missing out on the best 3-day event of the year. Create a scavenger hunt that helps them win free tickets, Spotify subscription,s and brand swag while generating lots of excitement about the bands performing at the festival.


STRATEGY: The Governor’s Ball is the best place to see many of your favorite and emerging bands, and is also the best place to get away from the city without leaving the city.

Finalist: Lilian Martinez
Advisor: Prof Richard Pels