Banby is a greener, zero-based budgeting, quick and easy solution app to help parents to swap or donate any kind of children’s stuff. It’s a good way of acquiring new things for children without spending a penny. Everyone can end up with something worth way more than the item they started with, which helps parents save money in the process. All the parents and children can benefit on this platform without needing to put any of their own money. As the children grow up, they get a surplus of useless stuff they don’t need, but their trash can be someone else’s treasure! Banby is a service platform to help the local communities become better by sharing their children’s goods with others in need.



Create an app to help both children and parents acquire new things for children without spending a penny. It’s wasteless, environment-friendly, and helps build a better urban community together.

Finalist: FengYi Li
Advisor: Prof. Brian Holden