Borderless / Sin Fronteras

America is full of racial and ethnic diversity. Many have migrated here to improve the livelihood of both themselves and their communities, while also learning from one another’s culture. Although the Latino population has significantly increased, becoming one of the nation’s largest ethnic minority groups, they remain marginalized. The presence of the Latino community has been underrepresented in areas such as mass media communications, and most importantly in higher educational settings. While the Latino community includes diverse subgroups from Northern, Southern, and Central America, each with their own unique culture and customs, they share some commonalities—one being misrepresentation.

Being a Latina myself, who has witnessed the misrepresentation of successful, college graduated Latinos in the mass media, I wanted to use my graphic design skills and knowledge to create a space where we can recognize and celebrate our heritage and achievements made in the United States. By creating this magazine, I am creating an outlet where the Latino community is able to share achievements, journeys, and struggles experienced by our very own community and our Latino peers attending City University of New York institutions.

Finalist: Karen Ensaldo Clara
Advisor: Prof. Jonathan Andrews