Elanor, a young mentally ill girl realizes she is in a dark world. She finds out that people in this world are mentally insane! She is schizophrenic but she doesn’t know that she is schizophrenic because she has memory loss. She has an imaginary friend called Benjamin, who is her companion and helps her throughout the world that she is in. Her imagination helps her figure out who she is. Elanor then finds out that a powerful Childish Jester who has a rare Bi-Polar disorder, will soon destroy the world around him. His sickness will get worse and will soon become violent. There must be a cure to stop The Childish Jester or he will wreak havoc in the world.


Finalist: Marc Rodriguez
Advisor: Prof Anthony Accardo


Create a video game for fans who who love psychological thriller/dark fantasy video games.

  • Strategy

    Concept Art book

  • Design


  • Client

    Senior Project