Sex education in America is often tied in with general health education. Topics like intimacy, LGBTQIA issues, pornography, sexual harassment, consent, and differences between, say, love and infatuation are rarely covered. Therefore, teens depend on TV shows, social media or their peers to learn about sex. If parents start having better conversations with their children, we can reduce the stigma and silence that surrounds sexual and reproductive health issues. Teaching about relationships and sex is a continuous conversation but can be difficult to initiate without the proper resources.

MANCHA encourages parents to have the dialogue at home, which will help teens delay or make smarter decisions when it comes to sex. Our tools will improve relations between teens and parents and help make the sex talk less uncomfortable.

Finalist: Melanie Martinez
Advisor: Prof Brian Holden


Our primary objective is to support parents by creating a set of tools that would facilitate the "sex talk."

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