Northskull is a men’s jewelry brand based in London founded in 2009. Its focus is to create contemporary pieces that complement the attire of the modern man. From season to season, the brand is committed to creating pieces that are technically innovative and stylish with the finest materials. They utilize luxurious materials like, semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals, python leather to create exceptional pieces with a luxe aesthetic.


Jewelry has been a thing mostly for women but in recent years there has been a rising demand for men’s jewelry. More men are now following the trend of wearing and experimenting with different accessories to enhance their look and outfits. Jewelry stores and brands have been mostly focused on providing a wide selection for women and a very small selection for men. With arising demand, we need more brands that can create modern innovative, and unique pieces.

Finalist: Prasan Gurung
Advisor: Prof. Connie Lui