Red Velvet

Red Velvet is a makeup brand that everyone can feel they are being represented. Less separation and more about options when it comes to beauty. Bringing together the beauty of diversity and how we can come together through makeup. The brand would divide into two sub-brands Red — one more focused on youth audience and Velvet for mature one. Our goal is to serve the needs of generations who are interested in makeup who don’t feel they are showcased in media. A brand that people can truly see themselves. We want to reach out to all ages, genders, and races, not just the set niche demographics. We are dedicated to all forms of creative beauty expression. Where everyone can find what they need knowing there is something for you, me, us.

We are Red Velvet Beauty.

Finalist: Ezra Torres
Advisor: Prof George Garrastegui, Jr.


Establish a makeup brand for both a young and mature audience.

  • Strategy


  • Design

    Graphic Design

  • Client

    Senior Project