Inspired by “The Scarlet Letter” by Nathaniel Hawthorne, a classic novel about a woman who wore the letter “A” on her dress as a punishment of committing adultery. Rather than a symbolism of shame, Scarlet empowers each person.



Let’s talk about sex.


There’s a taboo around sex education in schools and at home.


Having “the talk” shouldn’t be an uphill battle, rather an educational and informative conversation that brings a sense of empowerment to each individual.


Instead of focusing on abstinence as the only form of sex education, every human being has a right to know what their options are. They deserve to be heard, to be seen.


Sex education in public schools needs a revamp.


Especially now, because it’s “Learn from home, work from home, play from home.”

Finalist: Sohee Cho
Advisor: Prof. Brian Holden