The Irving Show

In Case You Can’t Understand Monkeys


The Irving Show was born from the question: What if animals can tell the news? Talk about primary sources right?

When the research team sat down and created a thought bubble about what the animal news means, the first thing they thought of was very sad animal news. The second and third thing they thought of was coming of age animal stories and cat videos on the internet. Sprinkle in news sources like PETA and National Geographic, we felt like the animal news can be a little somber – and the only other type of animal news are cute stories. By launching a news show about

animals, we aim to bring a wider range of emotions when it comes to discussions about animals. This means no more ASPCA sad music commercials and scratching a little deeper than the top 10 animal sweaters.

Will we fall into the common social media trends that come with animals? Sometimes. But we want to introduce something new to animal news on social media. And hopefully, we do that with Irving and his friends.

Finalist: Hoa Vu
Advisor: Prof George Larkins